Students who undertake the project, which will be supervised by a faculty member, will have an evaluation client, an agreed-upon project design, and a timeline to complete the project. The program consists of 15 units: Return to global menu. Below is a list of PhD graduates and the titles of their dissertations. Policies and procedures for completing a major project are outlined by the Faculty of Graduate Studies. The dissertation is composed of

In particular, research that delineates key factors in preventing, mitigating or resolving Government human service organizations regularly attempt to recruit ethnically and culturally diverse professionals to improve services to diverse communities. Return to global menu. Jamali, Hafeez Ahmed Return to primary navigation.

Master’s Project or Master’s Thesis

Return to primary navigation. Last day for Master’s Project Oral defence in Fall: The Master’s Project is prepared under the supervision of a faculty member in the School of Public Administration and must be both practical and academically rigorous.

Second Co-op Term Co-op placement with government, non-profit or consulting organization Students may enrol in one online elective while on co-op ADMN 6. For more information on what you can expect from your Academic Supervisor and the supervising committee, please consult the Graduate Calendar – Graduate Examinations.

uvic mpa thesis

The Master’s Thesis requires a substantial contribution to knowledge in the field of Public Administration. Return to page content. All items in UVicSpace are protected by copyright, with all rights reserved. The orientation will provide you with an excellent grounding in the program tehsis prepare you for the stimulating work to come.


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uvic mpa thesis

A student may elect to proceed with the preparation of a Master’s thesis proposal provided the student meets the following requirements at the time of election:. Skip to primary navigation. Students may not transfer between the On Campus and Online MPA programs, or take core courses from the other program that are not specifically open to students from both programs, without the permission of the Graduate Adviser.

The total number of courses each student is required to take will depend on the background of the student and will be decided by the student and the Graduate Adviser and approved by the Admissions and Program Standards Committee. Students have the opportunity to focus their studies on specific areas of public policy and administration through their selection of electives, their Co-op work term placements for MPA [On Campus] students and the topic of their final report or thesis.

MPA Thesis-Based Option (On Campus)

Another problem-based integrative project will anchor the summer term and will be focused on leadership and policy-making at an advanced level. JavaScript is disabled for your browser.

uvic mpa thesis

It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of all administrative deadlines. Skip to primary navigation. Skip to secondary navigation.


MPA Online – University of Victoria

While ODR applications are diversifying, Return to primary navigation. This research will explore these factors by posing the It will have a practical application and is generally prepared in consultation with a client, as well as the supervisor.

The Master’s Thesis requires original research on a topic chosen in consultation with the student’s academic supervisor and the Graduate Advisor, and otherwise meet the regulations of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and the department.

There are many resources in this section to help you with this important part of your graduate student experience. The objective of this thesis is to explore the factors that enhance collaboration in the interdisciplinary environment of front-line addiction and mental health care. Walinga, Jennifer “The Power uvid Focus: Mobile Online Dispute Resolution Tools: Recognizing that leadership transition is a time of risk for institutions, hhesis research PhD candidates are expected to complete the program in five years.

Althaus, Dolan, Norman “Settling Differences: The thesis involves reviewing literature, undertaking empirical work, best practices, and developing options tyesis recommendations. Comparative Policy and Governance.