If you wish, you can use one with page titles for the preliminary pages , chapter titles and chapter numbers, if applicable , but you must be consistent throughout the thesis. It must not exceed words in length. The College of Graduate Studies has worked with Dr. This form certifies that the supervisor and all members of the committee have read the thesis and recommend it to the College of Graduate Studies for acceptance. Tuition and fees due for Summer Session Term 1. No candidate who selects Schedule B will pay total fees of less than the first nine installments plus authorized student fees.

The thesis describes something of considerable monetary potential which could, if the student were given an opportunity to develop it, benefit the student or the University. Aboriginal Graduate Fellowship Reference Form. Last day for application for September Degree granting Conferral. The account of the research should be presented in a manner suitable for the field and include the following: We are not able to offer technical assistance.

This for should be used when requesting a reference letter.

ubc okanagan thesis defence

All doctoral theses must be assessed by an examiner deence to the University, as well as by internal examiners. Landscape pages must be orientated in your PDF so that they are readable without rotation. Applications open for February Degree Conferral. Numbering chapters, headings and subheadings is not mandatory, but the heading levels must be clearly distinguished and consistent.

Additional documentation will be required refer to page 1 of the form. You cannot change okanwgan CC License after submission. Use this form to request a late withdrawal from a course after online registration has closed.


Last day for application for September Degree granting Conferral. Is the second page of the thesis. Please note that application deadlines differ from the deadline dates above Click here for more information on Graduation and Convocation. This form must be signed off by the graduate student, supervisor and program coordinator for approval by the Dean.

Submit thesis forms to Okangan. Formatting must be consistent throughout the thesis, including units of measure, abbreviations, and the numbering scheme for tables, figures, footnotes, and citations. Subsequent pages are numbered continuously throughout, including pages with tables and figures, bibliographies, appendices, and index. A link to the form can be accessed below.

Graduate students who have questions about thesis and dissertation submission requirements that are not answered below, or who are in need of additional support, are encouraged to contact okkanagan office by email gradtheses. If revisions are required by the student, the Chair ensures that the External Examiner, University Examiner, and Examining Committee thseis off on this form right after the examination except for the supervisor.

Last day for changes between credit and audit for most Full-year course Terms 1 and 2 or Distance Education Term B courses. For coursework only-based students, theFinal Degree Conferral Date Grades Entered Deadline is the last day for your final project coursework grade to be approved to be considered for the corresponding degree conferral period.


Thesis and Dissertation

If there are special characters for example, diacritics or symbols in your title or abstract, okanaagn can enter them in cIRcle by following the instructions below.

Application Deadline — Chemistry — January Admission.

Graduate Student Letter Request. You own the copyright to your thesis as a whole and are free to publish your thesis if you wish.


This form is used if you are ubf undergraduate student who wants to enroll in graduate-level courses. This form should be used if you have agreed to evaluate an applicant for an Aboriginal Graduate Fellowship. Notice of Doctoral Dissertation Oral Examination. Applications closed for May Degree Conferral. Master’s Thesis Scheduling Timelines for Graduation.

ubc okanagan thesis defence

Last day for withdrawal from SummerTerm 2 courses without W on academic record. Students are encouraged to review the options on the Creative Commons website before starting their final submission. Checklist of Expectations for Graduate Student and Supervisor.

College of Graduate Studies: UBC’s Okanagan Campus

Doctoral Comprehensive Examination Report. Students who do not meet this deadline date may still be eligible for the applicable degree conferral period provided they are able to meet the final approval deadline.

Friedman Award for Scholars in Health Deadline. The resources below are designed to help students meet these specifications.