Georgia Tech offers two degree programs in the interaction design realm: This program is designed for students with real experience — the average student brings 6 years of professional work experience. Ponichtera, that passion was biology, and she soon completed a Masters in Biology at Tufts University Medford campus. Mobile apps Virtual reality Web development Product design Industrial design An interaction design job description might look different from company to company and product to product. Like other land-grant universities, Clemson began as an agricultural and mechanical school, offering degrees in applied sciences.

Most of the colleges demand a Statement of Purpose and few essays on the specific topics mentioned. The MS-HCI is also available in a fully online format , adding flexibility and convenience to an already great value. As an influential tech economy has built up in Austin, UT Austin has been at the forefront, with some of the most innovative computer science and engineering programs in the Southwest. You can check them out here -. There are many universities which offer part time MEM engineering program which ends in three to nine months. On April 11 th , Ms.

In most cases, interaction design pulls experts from as many as 5 or 6 disciplines, all contributing their knowledge to the big picture. Please note that orientation is mandatory.

University of Maryland, College Park. Originally designated an agricultural and mechanical science school, Virginia Tech grew into a polytechnic model as part of an effort to help Virginia modernize after the Civil War. The only program of its kind in North Texas, the MA in Design prepares students to create products that work with the needs of users.

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According to the Interaction Design Foundationinteraction design revolves around 5 dimensions that shape how people interact with products — words, visual representation, physical object or space, time, and behavior. That means building networks throughout Philadelphia, from publishers to freelancers, and building interdisciplinary teams across the university.


With 30 graduate courses and as many as projects going on at any thessis time, the Media Lab is creating new standards every day in human-computer turts, design, and entrepreneurial technology.

This intensive, interdisciplinary program focuses on preparing students for every aspect of an HCI-related career, from crafting digital products to leading teams or striking out as entrepreneurs.

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Few universities are more prepared for the next level of human-computer interaction than Cornell, and the university offers two mba programs related to interaction design. Students can complete the degree in 2 years, entering the job market with a name trusted throughout the Northeast and the US in general.

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East Bay has also been recognized as a prime public institution for entrepreneurs and students going into the tech field, due to its connections to San Francisco. It may be waived off for candidates with more thesjs three to five years of work experience in some universities.

MBS Thesis Requirement

Apart from this, certain numbers of electives need to be completed. Students at Cornell can earn a Master of Professional Studies in Information Sciencea 1-year, interdisciplinary program.

Though UB is a full, comprehensive university today, it is still primarily known for its professional programs, especially in fields linked to urban life and work, like public administration and business. The VCU Brandcenter is one of the most unique academic research centers in the nation. Masters in Engineering Management, abbreviated as MEM is a specially designed degree for the engineering graduates to build the link between engineering, technology and management.

Ponichtera says she is exploring a number of post-doctoral positions in academia and industry in the Boston area. Tufgs work tesis through courses and projects, from designing and prototyping to presenting and communicating their creations. With its location in Kansas City — a major metropolis spread over two states — the Edwards Campus provides programs crucial to urban life.


Ponichtera has been pursuing her Ph. The master of engineering management MEM consortium is a highly selective and elite group of professional graduate programs to provide the right programs for bms right candidate. On April 11 thMs. MA in Multimedia Interaction Design concentration 33 University of Baltimore Founded inthe University of Baltimore has always been focused on practical education with real-world value.

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Carnegie Mellon also offers a PhD in HCIan interdisciplinary doctoral program for students who wish to enter academia or high-level professional positions in industry. Some of the companies hiring MEMs are: A 2-semester capstone lets students dive deep into their career goals with a study or project that connects directly to their plans and intentions.

Virginia Commonwealth University is a top-tier public research university in Richmond, the capital of Virginia.

Students practice research, analysis, and prototyping from all parts of the process. Tehsis University of North Texas began as a private teachers college inbut was adopted by the state informing the basis of the University of North Texas system. Penn State has also been praised by the Wall Street Journal for having some of the best-prepared graduates, according to corporate recruiters. The core curriculum for Masters in Engineering Management covers marketing finance, intellectual management, and management law.

University of Mns at Austin. That all began to change, though, in the s, as the university began leaning into its STEM programs, particularly in engineering.