Workweek Posted on From 8thth of June the research groups Feringa, Harutyunyan and Barta will be on workweek. Feringa received the medal during the opening ceremony of the 56th Polish Chemical Society Congress on 16 September, , in Siedlce, Poland. Subject guides, research assistance, and useful resources compiled by librarians of the University of Groningen. On Friday the 28th of September group member Erik Pinxterhuis will defend his thesis. Cope scholar award for Prof. Professor Feringa appears in new talkshow on Dutch National television Posted on Thursday night August 9th, the first part from the new four-episode interview programme Moby Dick will be broadcasted on NPO 1. Within the research group of Ben Feringa novel methods of controlling the activity of antibiotic agents are being developed.

Please follow the link to read the full article: Wijnberg was a highly respected scientist, especially in the field of stereochemistry, and a pioneer in asymmetric organocatalysis. University of Groningen – Nestor. The very first European Chemistry Gold Medal has been awarded to Professor Ben Feringa for exceptional achievements in the field of chemistry in Europe. The Academy Medal is awarded every other year to individuals Zika virus outbreak A health ministry employee fumigates a home in Soyapango, El Salvador, on January

When chirality is applied to molecules, the two mirror-image forms of the molecule are referred to as isomers, and are often called the ‘left-handed’ and ‘right-handed’ isomer.

This project is chosen by prof. It is very common for one isomer of a molecule to exist in nature, whilst the other isomer can only be obtained by synthesising it in a lab. The Chair has been occupied tyesis some tesis distinguished scientists over the years. Schultz, professor at the Scripps Research Ruv in California and Director of the California Institute for Biomedical Research, for his research conducted on the cutting edge of biology and chemistry.


Follow the link for a report: For the first time this year, there will be a prize awarded to the best Groningen thesis: Follow the link for more information: We may now be positioned at the dawn of a new era in which artificial molecular motors are able to perform programmed tasks and dynamic functions akin to the biological machines that are found in daily life. Feringa visited the Childright Nobel Gala as honorary guest.

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It is presented at the Nagoya medal symposium in Nagoya, Japan. In doing so, Feringa demonstrated a visible macroscopic change spurred on by the motor molecules.

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Hans Wijnberg passed away in his house in Midlaren. The program includes a visit to an industrial company, a joint conference with TU Delft, a “bonte avond” and an adventurous activity. Thesis defense Peter van Santen Title: This picture was taking during Bens visit to Los Angeles October Yesterday Ben was appointed Commander in the order of the Dutch Lion.

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I am looking forward to visit theeis UK universities and thesia the frontiers of our field with colleagues and students. Growing up on a farm in the Netherlands, Ben L. Rug feb thesis eligible expenses. Ben Feringa is one of the elected foreign associates. Through the Raman Chair, the Academy brings leading scientists working across the world to India, to lecture on their work and to interact with Indian researchers in different parts of the country.


Group member Massimo Giannerini will defend his thesis. Share this Facebook Twitter LinkedIn.

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The award is conferred every five years on a researcher in the Netherlands or Belgium for significant achievements in catalysis over the last decade. He was invited by the student association Goochem to share his passion for science with the pupils and tell them about his work that led to the Nobelprize. From left to right: About us News and Events News articles.

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The seaweed represents the polymer. How to write data analysis in thesis.

The one on the left is being irradiated with sunlight, and it has different chirality to the one on the left. Ben Feringa will teach a class on his groundbreaking research on molecular engines twice that day. Interview with Ben in the monthly magazine Juist. The NAS is charged with providing independent, objective advice to the nation on matters related to science and technology. Multifunctional photochromic molecular switches based on azaobenzenes, dithienylethenes and hemithioindigos – synthesis and applications