The infrastructure has also improved greatly since they got their own building. Hi payal I wondor u r in delhi and found ur teacher too and hope u r doing gud with ur prep But i also need ur help Pls go through my comment below and help me if u can Cz m also planning to come delhi for studies. When he reached Medieval, another Ancient History Professor started coming. The modern History teacher started with Ancient History. This statement by the author indicates that other assertions might be equally false.

So u can judge from this also. Part 2 of 2 This is my fourth attempt and I have cleared prelims every time, in both the old and new patterns should do this time as well, unless some clerical mistake or shit happens. The coaching itself is just a small part of the picture. It is always a gamble with UPSC. Now let me bluntly raise a point. If it is the latter, I have nothing against the author since it is a very normal human tendency to do so.

Dear Karthiga First of all accept my heartfelt thanks for enlightining several aspirants of civil servants.

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Also please kindly assess your talent and patience before appearing for the CS as its not a child’s play, be real and grounded. I m joining the Vaji and ravi GS and public admnstrtion this june. Brilliant Academy of Learning. Mains, I agree, esay a test more of expression than knowledge.


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But, as Karthiga rightly pointed out, the discriminatory attitude of people there hurts, especially when you are on a tight budget and end up dealing with people with shabby houses. Anyways, Vaji doesn’t provide anything apart from dictated class notes. But they dont deserve this. Whatever they had taught 5 essxy back.

Ur opinion matters to u the most, believe in urself. Exambazaar has tied up with hundreds of coaching classes across India to bring you exclusive discounts.

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Thus, students have no proof of any cash payment and clearly, it is the fuelling of black money economy. I have many friends who have gotten selected now and at some points studied in Vajiram.

I joined vajiram in oct classses. I’ve been looking for web content and forums for information on CSE It is not a university exam.

Please let me know. If any experienced Senior having any idea about which coaching to join as this will be my first attempt and I don’t want to waste it just like that. Some of it is relevant, most of it is not. But here, they make you write at a speed of 40 wpm.

But flasses, Mr Ravindran, Director refused to accept even a local cheque!!!


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So don’t claswes follow my opinion. Shaid Iqbal have shared pros about vajiram and ravi. Thanks for sharing this useful information AS if you are writing a second grade university exam in which all the questions would come from guide.

Since my coaching has just started a week ago,I cannot comment much on the faculty and materials provided, but one think is for sure that the administration is very baddd. Save time by finding the best Coaching Classes near you. There was not even a single current affairs class before prelims. Class Room 1 Year.

The Mirage of Vajiram and ravi: Vajiram GS: Is it worth

Vajiram is better than most, but does charge a bomb. It’s true what they do is preposterous, but if you really feel like you need someone to coach you, that’s one of the better ones. That’s unfortunate, but painfully true. So friends, b prepared to shed extra money as draft charges classea.

Hi, I wish to take up coaching for prelims cum mains for My mail id is madhav.