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For further information, email RPY rcgp. Urinary tract infections UTI in young children can lead to kidney damage but are notoriously difficult to diagnose in primary care because symptoms can often be vague and unclear. BJGP ; 67 The epidemiology of multimorbidity in a large cross-sectional dataset: However, the CoBalT participants gained greater benefits in terms of the reduction in depressive symptoms, and the intervention represented better value for money over the long-term, compared with low intensity treatments6.

The technique could reduce the amount of time and effort awaard to collect unnecessary urine samples and increase sampling among children most likely to have a UTI. It has since been used to inform European society hypertension guidelines.

Research Paper of the Year Award Category Winners

Related links International students Accommodation. K, Echouff o-Tcheugui J. The authors provide evidence that people living in the most deprived areas develop complex and multiple medical conditions years earlier than those from more affluent areas, and strongly recommends a shift from single disease management to ‘whole person’ care if their health needs are to be met.


The item is out of stock. Incidence, clinical management, and mortality risk following self-harm among children and adolescents: COPD is a long-term respiratory disorder which can go undiagnosed.

The British journal of general practice: Centre tthe Academic Primary Care.

The epidemiology of multimorbidity in a large cross-sectional dataset: Sick individuals and sick populations. BJGP ; 62 The Lancet Respiratory medicine. Effect of adding a diagnostic aid to best practice to manage suspicious pigmented lesions in primary care: The award was given in the ‘Children, Reproduction, Genetics, Infections’ category and was presented at a ceremony in London on 19 September.

Lead author Gavin Daker-White and colleague Sarah Knowles currently have School funding to investigate new ways of supporting people with multi-morbidity to ensure safety of care. Two hundred and forty-eight individuals completed a long-term follow-up questionnaire and provided primary outcome data.

Characterising those with incident polymyalgia rheumatica in primary care: The University of Manchester’s Institute of Population Health has been a member of the School since its establishment in The study methodology was included rigorous follow up of patients over a 10 year period.

rcgp research paper of the year award

Transient ischaemic attacks may have greater long-term impact than previously thought. From left to right: Validate Proofing Long-term effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of cognitive behavioural therapy as an adjunct to pharmacotherapy for treatment-resistant depression is the subject of the Research Paper of the Year award winner. Non-disclosure of chronic kidney disease thw primary care and the limits of instrumental rationality in chronic illness self-management Category 3: This involved a clinical rule using symptoms and signs, which they found worked better than routine clinician diagnosis.


rcgp research paper of the year award

The research examines the explicit link between rcpg health, mental health and socio-economic deprivation, and calls for a new approach to managing several conditions in individual patients at the same time.

Researchers from the Universities of Bristol and Keele were authors on three papers which went on to win their category.

2012 Research Paper of the Year Award Category Winners

Annals of Family Medicine. Call for applications now closed Professor Yvonne Carter CBE was an outstanding and inspirational leader who had a remarkable impact on academic paer practice. Health and social care costs were compared with quality-adjusted life years QALYs in a cost-utility analysis.

Lancet Respiratory Medicine ; 4 9: The award winning papers have direct messages for GPs on how to improve their practise or raise more questions and identify areas for further research.

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rcgp research paper of the year award

Our meta-analysis of lifestyle intervention trials showed that people identified as pre-diabetic using the OGTT could lower their risk of developing type 2 diabetes.