Retrieved 3 June When they are about to eat, Tinidora suggests doing a game of musical chairs so that Alden and Yaya can sit close together. She looks for Alden, and eventually sees him on the split-screen monitor. Retrieved 14 July Meanwhile, Alden asks his fellow Dabarkads for advice on what to bring and how to act during his visit. Additionally, Nidora asks the couple forgiveness on behalf of her granddaughter.

Retrieved 11 March Retrieved 25 May Lola Tinidora and Nidora continue their subterfuge and disguise as Yaya Dub. Retrieved 13 May Her anxiety disappears when she sees Bae-by Baste in disguise and wishing her good luck. Retrieved 17 November

Retrieved 30 March Yaya tells Alden that she also would like some lumpia.

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Lipat Bahay – Facebook”. Meanwhile, Lola Nidora chases the riders and julyy where the Secret Diary is hidden, but they are able to flee.

problem solving eat bulaga july 28 2015

Awards uuly nominations Philippine noontime variety television shows. Lola Nidora then asks the Rogelios to chaperone Yaya Dub on her way to the date, to make sure everything goes well.

Mark Elardo McMahon guest stars as Dr. She wants to start things all over again with Yaya, and feels that now is the right time to do so.

To prevent Isadora from taking Yaya Dub from her and her sisters, Nidora makes them all wear disguises to camouflage their appearance. Alden then gives the hat to her, prompting the EB hosts to ask who the intended recipient is. Nidora, though anxious, allows Divina to finally meet her mother. Alden accepts and completes the challenge, much to Yaya Dub’s delight. She then proclaims that this is the right time for the couple.


Dolving, who was with her adoptive grandmother and employer Lola Nidoragets teased all the more after she returns his smile and waves back.

problem solving eat bulaga july 28 2015

probem While Yaya Dub is practicing, a mysterious woman peeks julyy Yaya Dub from a nearby vehicle but neither she nor the Lolas take notice. Retrieved 10 June Nidora says that she cannot be sure and informs the studio panel that the doctors performed an X-Ray on Yaya and discovered that Yaya’s heart is stricken with love for Alden.

Retrieved 11 November Yaya Dub’s anger subsides when she sees Alden. Episodes are numbered by days e.

EAT BULAGA (Problem Solving Kalyeserye) – APRIL 2 2016 Clear Video Full Episode Part 8

Even 20115, Alden and Yaya Dub are happy, as this is the closest that they have been to see each other. Meanwhile, Yaya Dub recuperates from her sickness and joins Lola Nidora, who is happy at Yaya’s return.

problem solving eat bulaga july 28 2015

Retrieved 16 November Then, the mysterious voice is again heard saying “AlDub you” to Alden. Retrieved 26 November On the other hand, Alden is being oppressed by his kidnappers. Happy 8th Monthsary – Facebook”.

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Retrieved 9 April Furthermore, the old woman prophesied that on Halloween, October 31,there is a house that her 3 daughters, together with the little girl and the dimpled-man, need to find to understand the meaning of true love.

Retrieved 19 May Everybody then reminds Nidora about the surprise that she had promised last time. Eat Bulaga – AlDub Their doubts are removed when “Lola Aunor” reveals her Babalu voice, confirming that she is indeed Lola Nidora and that she has escaped in order to prevent Alden and Yaya Dub from getting together.

Eat bulaga problem solving march 28 /

This makes Lola Nidora nervous and she uses a tape measure to check the distance between Alden and Yaya, to make sure that they are no less than 1-foot apart. It lroblem shows like yours and opinions like those that was expressed your show that encourages the bulaga of LGBT people and their families.

Retrieved 12 February Retrieved 25 June