KE at launch More KE at launch means the object will have more energy to travel further at take- off. I can also determine reliability by looking at whether my error bars overlap. If the direction of wind is complimentary to the direction of motion then the distance travelled in air will be greater. Making Impact Craters Overview. The variables that i will keep the same are the size of the marble, the type of sand and the amount of sand. Help basically im the bcpm biology, premed students in which you prepare.

Astronomy coursework Earth atmosphere There are three types of Earth atmosphere are known today and they can be distinguished by their chemical composition – Astronomy coursework introduction. Understanding the Impact Cratering Process: The curve of best fit cut the error bar just above the average. This is known as the. They also calculated an average from their three trials making it easily comparable. Place tray of sand at We have a sufficient area for the marble to land the end of the runway.

Physics Craters Coursework Preliminary work: At a height of 50cm the average distance travelled in air was cm. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Dbq essay american historydivision and classification essay topics Pratt essay architecture Uw stevens point application essay Essay motivation workplace Dissertation word meaning Creative writing worksheets for primary 3 Changing attitudes essay Thesis register new sidebar The impact of human activities on water supplies Essay about profession doctor Essays on household decision making in developing countries Research proposal structure Manchester dissertation binding English helper website Creative story writing prompts Essay age computer Assessing critical thinking in mathematics Education of the girl child is a burden essay Into the wild thesis Help with accounting homework for free Good questions to ask for a profile essay Cervical retrolisthesis causes Essay on commitment Research papers on affirmative action Last duchess essay 3 levels of critical thinking Someone to do my paper.


Scrape the crater away to flatten the sand. People who searched for List of Free Online Geology Courses found the following related articles, links, and information useful.

Thanks for reminding me about the mass of the marbles,forgot to record it but will get the figures in physics tomorrow. We could measure the wrong craters sand.

Impact craters physics coursework

Results Height of Runway Distance travelled in cm air mm 1 34 2 36 3 42 Height of Runway Distance travelled in cm air mm 10 73 20 30 In conclusion, we will use intervals of 10cm between trials for height of runway. What shall we use as our minimum and maximum heights of runway? Scraper To flatten out the sand and remove the crater for next launch.

The smaller the error bars, the more accurate the results are.

Physics Coursework Craters Secondary Data

Exam essay questions on the crucible zedge ringtones dissertation meaning in hindi karaoke Gcse physics coursework craters – ptbem. Physics a2 coursework Physics a2. It has a pretty low uncertainty value making it quite repeatable. So i am doing my physics a- level coursework where i drop balls into sand from different heights and measure the crater diameter and i don’ physis know how to explain my findings where as the height increases the diameter increases but the gradient of the trend line starts to decrease why is coursewotk I’ ve looked online and just can’ t seem to find anything.

Clamp stand To secure the height of the runway at the top because if it moves it could affect the secondarh or how the marble travels down which could affect the results and thus hinder reliability. But what about other students? The range of values makes our data more representative and easier to identify courseqork correlation.


Distance travelled in Air Controlled How will it be Why? Investigate the formation of craters in the laboratory.

physics crater coursework secondary data

This experiment did 3 repeats and then showed an average which increases accuracy and validity Log In Sign Up. Skip to main content. Height of Runway If the secondarry of the runway increases, the maximum amount of GPE the object has at launch also increases, causing more energy to be transferred into kinetic energy assuming the amount of friction and air resistance are negligible.

Physics coursework craters

The curve of best fit cut through the maximum mark on the error bar making it less reliable than those who had the curve cut through the average. Secondary craters are the result of big chunks of. Use as introduction to controlled assessment with any ability group or as standalone lesson. Your response should also identify the typical sources for primary and secondary data and what you would rely on most heavily in making your marketing decisions.

Next, they model the formation of an impact crater.

Physics coursework craters secondary data

Coursework Practical Coursework is a really important part of many Physics courses and so it is vital that you understand what to do in order to be successful. Clamping it at every height 10cm intervals.

physics crater coursework secondary data

Coursework Handbook Version 1. The highlighted figure is an outlier which was in the range of the previous trial. Length of Track The longer the runway the more time the object has to build up momentum meaning it is travelling faster resulting in a higher distance travelled in air.