Applications should demonstrate a serious research interest that focuses on primary source material within the collections held at Durham. My students were provided assigned readings focusing on topics that I found especially significant or important primarily identity and nationalism. Proposals should include a word abstract of each paper and a short curriculum vitae for each participant. A committee made up of elected and appointed representatives will evaluate proposals and make a recommendation to the NACBS Executive Committee and Council. Skip to main content Skip to main navigation.

Over time, however, my deep-seated interests in cultural history and the history of ideas have become more pronounced in my teaching and research activity. I provided students links to numerous museums where they could browse the holdings, and from which they were meant to select their objects though they could use other museum holdings if they let me know in advance. They compelled me to reframe the way I taught British history by returning to classic questions about change over time — of the state, economies, environment, understandings of gender and race – that they could connect to other national and imperial histories. In their papers, students used individual dishes to consider large-scale issues, such as diet, consumption, economics, and structural systems of power; however, they also used these dishes to access lived experiences of empire, considering issues of hunger and taste, as well as how food had the potential to unite communities, or drive them apart. Faculty of Arts Department of History.

Editorial subventions provide funding for an editorial assistant, but applicants will require a letter of support from their home institution s. I assigned a final project with three primary goals in mind: The NACBS sponsors a scholarly journal, the Journal of British Studies, online publications, an annual conference, as well as several academic prizes, graduate unedrgraduate, and undergraduate essay contests.

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Fall or Spring ] in which the paper was made. Please see the following link for further instructions and details: Applications should demonstrate a serious research interest that focuses on primary source material within the collections held at Durham. We define British studies broadly to encompass England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales; our readers are interested in transatlantic, transnational, and postcolonial approaches, and in the British Cpntest and Commonwealth.


Nothing was more exciting to me to move to California from Britain and discover that my students had never heard of Coventry let alone Gladstone.

Do you have a favorite archive, digital or physical? Potential editors in these disciplines are encouraged to apply. Work with Executive Secretary to keep track of calendar of tasks and remind officers to do them.

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More recently, in the field of drug and alcohol history, the work of Phil Withington, Mark Hailwood, and James Nicholls has also shaped the direction of my research interests. Energizing the College Classroom with the Science of Emotion, Track essag presenters who have not registered.

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Finding Guide 50th Anniversary: Although the more intrepid or experienced students were allowed to develop research questions of their own, this was not required. The debates around Brexit and the legacies of slavery and colonialism frequently yndergraduate an effort to restage a national past where Britons were always great, uundergraduate and well-intentioned most recently with Historians for Britain and the Ethics and Empire Project at Oxford.

Over the past 11 years, ten of our undergraduate majors have been inducted into Phi Beta Kappa. At many institutions, it is research and publishing, not teaching, that propels careers. This posed some interesting pedagogical problems. It was in this context that the esasy for a Menu of the British Empire was formed. For undergraduate papers, please submit a blind copy no names on pages with an attached cover sheet that includes the following:. Worry about how much work I need to get done??


This work fits into a larger study contets legal and medical understandings of intoxication and addiction in early modern Britain. Alison Stewart] semester [e. Some even suggest that national histories themselves are in crisis.

nacbs undergraduate essay contest

Work with treasurer and finance committee to essayy and execute programming initiatives. What readings, objects, or examples might I provided to better help students succeed?

It was an amazing opportunity to help inform how the next generation of undergraduates are taught the history of modern Britain. In many respects, I designed a fairly traditional course. Yet, I was acutely aware of how many subjects I was unable to discuss or bring contewt their attention.

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The current editors’ term ends with the October issue of the journal; new editors will begin working with the current editors by May to learn production processes and to begin soliciting reviews for a five-year term that will commence with the first issue of The guidelines for the contest are as follows: Please submit a copy of the essay and a letter of nomination to EACH of the 3 members of the adjudication committee by 15 May 3 copies in total.

That led me to studies of the period to Their comments and questions focused on global economics, on international trade, world wars and treaties. While primarily based in history, the NACBS would like to review more works in art history, literature, historical geography, and other disciplines.