ELA- 5 book thoughts and 1 book review are due on Friday, December 21st. Show all your work for surface area ELA- 1. Use the vocabulary worksheets that were given to you in class. Book talk is due Monday, June 3rd. ALL surveying has to be done by the end of the day on Tuesday, May 21st.

Think of the buckets we do in class! JogNog Review by Diana and Aaaliya. Write these examples in your green science notebook and use your top down web from class today to help you. Use your study guide and class notes. Seterra ELA- Read independent reading book.

SS — Latitude and Longitude sheets. For two extra points on the test, students can create 5 mms cards for the vocabulary words and write a page of notes.

Read pages in Home of the Brave. After school help Monday and Tuesday next week. MATH — Worksheet 9. Bllg not do the other side.

Use the vocabulary worksheets that were given to you in class. Why did you decide to use Schoology? Label these countries in a different color pencil or highlight them. QUIZ on locations next week. SS — Continue researching your European Country. Students were given a Review sheet today in class and they will be reviewing all of next week.


8B Homework Assignments

Answer questions in your packet. Question 25 and 26 are not in your packet. Bring in any materials needed! The three poems are: Please check it out.

8B Homework Assignments

Write a 3 sentence summary of Chapter You can hand write or type in Google Docs. Your book thoughts and book review must be completed in your documents in Google Classroom. Make sure to use complete sentences and use most of the lines. Remember to bring to class tomorrow to use as a guideline. ELA- If you did not complete in class today: More than half of the people said that they are the homeework.

Please come to class ready to work on your project. Show all your work for surface area ELA- mams. You will receive two extra credit points for creating flashcards and writing a page of notes. The next majority of people said they do it on either an iPhone or iPad. ELA- Read independent reading book. This site uses cookies. You will receive a grade for this tomorrow. SS — Label the Europe map passed out today.


Tuesday, March 26, Makey Makey!!

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Final Project is due next Friday, March Homewodk your review guide, notes, book and the Quizlet link on Google Classroom to help you study.

You must do both things to receive two points.

msms homework blog