Quite often I would find myself so completely engrossed with my own contribution that I would lose sight of the whole. My mother, however, had known about Dame Peggy all along. Of course I could not then realise that I was being offered an experience that would totally change my attitude to dance and that it would, in fact, open doors onto a world I had never even dreamed about. An aesthetic idea takes time to emerge, but when if finally finds its proper form, its beauty is clear to all. But I was no longer inclined to perform as she wanted. She famously identified with the character, and her interpretation of the role, which includes a tragic scene in which she literally dances herself to death, has remained a fixed reference point for all future Giselles.

Canberra brought me back to the rhythm of the seasons, the reasons for dancing and ultimately the memory of my father. I was in the back row of the corps, remember, and surely it would not make any difference either to the work or to the audience. Perhaps I am obsessive about this. Olga Spessivtseva was a victim of this very madness—I survived to make a dance about it. When I came back to Australia I realised that she might have been right and also that it was going to be difficult for me.

Mergl Masilo’s Giselle is a courageous retelling for our times. The subtitle, Australian Viewings of Live Performance, suggests the latter, but in practice neither category seems completely watertight.

The next performance I would be thinking, “tonight, I am going to be a really old sick Wili,” and that would be my goal for the evening. Long before she directed The PianoJane knew how to let people be themselves in the space of her own vision. It seems as though I am the first speaker from the generation of dancers born after World War II to be entrusted with the task of celebrating her memory.

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Quite often I would find myself so completely engrossed with my own contribution that I would lose sight of the whole. Create an account Log in.


I knew about her long before we met, long before I became involved in the professional world of dance and long before I dared to imagine that, one day, I might be chosen to dance in The Australian Ballet. Pina had given me so much and I had no idea where my journey would take me next.

Meryl Tankard

When I came back to Australia I realised that she might have tankwrd right and also that it was going to be difficult for me. Republish our articles for free, online or in print, under Creative Commons license. It was this opportunity, or should I say this freedom to perform as a subject rather than as a mere tool in the hands of a stage director, that enabled me to learn so much from the experience of working with Pina. I was living in a drama that kept changing every day, but in the extremes of experience between Pina Bausch and Lindsay Kemp, I tried to define a tankatd for myself.

I had been Pina’s obliging instrument and she had taught me so much, but as all young people are prone to do, I tankrd beginning to ask my own questions.

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The internal logic of the work weaves a twisted but uncannily connected web connecting Osipova and her mental state with the extreme, cruel, and sometimes comic ways in which dance is taught and learned. There cannot be a point in life when one ceases to learn from other people or from what life brings to us in terms of experience or feeling.

It was then, I think, that my real life as an Australian artist began in earnest. Lindsay Kemp after Pina Bausch: In those first few years back in Australia things like that kept me going. Perhaps we had showed people an aspect of themselves they did not wish to acknowledge. It was done in a few short rehearsals in between dancing in several other pieces. Dame Peggy had emryl remarked that mfryl she had learned a lot from Marie Rambert and Ninette de Valois during her formative years as a dancer in England, in the end she had had to do what was right for her and right for The Australian Ballet.


What I received from her, the gift of her teaching, changed the course of my life and set me on a path of learning that will only end with me. It is as if she had divined what I was about to begin; like a guardian angel, she arranged all the useful contacts and seemed to guide me through my European journey till its conclusion in Wuppertal.

Spessivtzeva was a dancer esssy for her work with the Ballet Russes and Paris Opera Ballet fromand perhaps more famously, for a series of mental breakdowns. Follow us on social media. With ideas of ritual, I made VX for him and used his war service number as a title for the composition.

meryl tankard essay

But Pina had revealed something deeper and a much darker side of life to me. It was she who had the vision, she who asked the questions, she who took all the important artistic decisions and who finally shaped tankatd work to be performed on stage.

Pina Bausch’s theatre was concerned with intensities and the expression of deep feelings. When I look back, it seems to me that with Pina Bausch, the work was the dancers, and that the dancers were the work. But is it what we artists are really supposed to be about? Tankard has a long tankagd with Adelaide, and it was during her tenure as Artistic Director of the Australian Dance Theatre that the company meryk a solid international reputation. We feel the chill of the air as a forest of trees is revealed in the mist, then reflected in the light pool of water that floods the stage.

meryl tankard essay

It is often the case that other people know more about our abilities than we do ourselves.