In todays modern society the techniques use to straighten hair or change it has changed the logic he is trying to get across. Malcolm X’s thesis or message is still relevant today. Even womens of our generation do the same thing. The Autobiography of Malcolm X was published in , when many African- Americans regularly straightened their hair. Yes I think the modern techniques for straightening can change the message he is trying to get across. Because the topic is such a personal one, the reader would not believe or respect his thesis had it come from statistical evidence.

In my opinion Malcolm X included many references to pain and discomfort throughout his text to show the outcome of each step and how it may or may not lead into the next step. Everyone I see on the television has fake hair one way or another, and for the most part they have straight hair. I think it was ever since I move over to the U. Malcolm went into full details about the pain he felt while receiving the process. Robert November 3, at 9:

For the men society we mostly get hair cuts and fades and most random times its mohawks. Anonymous Staetment 3, at 9: They do it to just look good and for grooming.

Malcolm x my first conk thesis statement

The relaxer todays has no lye so the conking does not hurt the sculp. Malcolm X decribe the pain of getting a conk correctly if done by someone who don’t know conj they are doing. Many African Americans may atatement the hair of their children along with their own hair. Gabby November 3, at Jessica Esteves November 3, at 9: They no longer do it to gain the approval of white men and wtatement, but do it for the purpose of fashion and style.


Bao Nguyen November 3, at One of the essay questions has been shared on twitter: Because the topic is such a personal one, the reader would not believe or respect his thesis thseis it come from statistical evidence. Malcolm X uses quotations several times in the last paragraph to show the irony of the process that he had just described and to illustrate how he truly feels about what he did back then just to make himself accepted.

He also used chronological order from buying the products to the final steps which gave the reader clarity in what was going on throughout the essay.

Thesis statement my first conk malcolm x

If they were going to a party i would understand why they do it, but if they had curly hair to begin with they shouldnt be ashamed of it and try to make there hair straight just because a couple of there friends have straight hair or just because there friends tell them other wise.

Tough he was willing to etatement force to do that.

malcolm x my first conk thesis statement

Wednesday, November 3, My First Conk. Sample essay self achievement Argumentative or persuasive essay writing: Well for the women society they straighten there hair with an electric hair straightener.

My First Conk from Malcolm X – Essay Example

Their is other issue like hungry kids and wars. Malcolm reveals that t his cooking was his first step toward self degradation” 2.

Im experience of actual application season is entirely, complete essays some incredible risks with columbia university admissions. It was a painful and sometime mutilating process that was by no means pleasurable.


English Composition 1: My First Conk

I think Malcolm X includes so many references to pain and discomfort because he is trying to show that the black man has gone through so much pain to be accepted. He includes so many references to pain and discomfort to tell you how african americans felt just to fit into the white mens genre. There more to lvie than just fashion. Jeff W November 3, at 9: Your to fat you need to lose weight. Monday, August fist, “My First Conk” response questions.

Alyssa November 3, at 9: It was painful, but he got through it. As an statemenf changed, so did the reason for hair relaxing for African Americans.

I feel that the thesis statement that was made in this piece is still mmy today. I am sure there are some techniques that still include pain, but maybe not as intense as he mentions in his text. Even the word conking is not used anymore.

malcolm x my first conk thesis statement

For example he mentioned in the text that the jar was hot after stirring all of the ingredients together, which then led to his scalp burning and itching. Its pretty common around the world and theres really nothing wrong with it.