A Saudi Arabian Study Case. Al-Salamah, Muhammad Fahad Sulaiman Solution methods for the economic dispatch problem and some of its variants. Imran, Syed Abdul Vakeel. Rodriguez, Alfonso Surface charge behavior and adsorption of surfactants on carbonate rocks. Al-Massarani, Adel Mohammed Adel Priority-based scheduling and evaluation of precedence graphs with communication times. Khursheed, Syed Saqib Test set compaction for sequential circuits based on test relaxation.

Mahmood, Syed Iftekhar Impact testing of brittle materials using split hopkinson pressure bar technique. Khursheed, Syed Naveed Economic production quantity models with variable production rates. Arshed, Ghulam Murshed Transiently developing free and opposing jets in relation to gas-assisted laser evaporative heating process. Al-Bani, Mohammad Faez Wijdan Hassan Developing a concrete cost estimating model for small residential buildings. Kabir, Muhammad Ehsanul Numerical investigation of erosion of a pipe protruded in a sudden contraction. Ahmed, Syed Manzoor Heat convection from a horizontal cylinder in a quiescent fluid.

Abdul Qaiyum, Shaik Modelling of blood flow in a time-varying shape passage. Naveed, Asad Performance evaluation of mobile communication systems. Ahmed, Syed Manzoor Heat convection from a horizontal cylinder in a quiescent fluid. Dehwah, Hamoud Ahmad Farhan Durability of reinforced concrete beams repaired libfary various repair materials.

Al-Khoraidly, Abdulaziz Mohammad Serial-serial finite ljbrary multiplication. Rodriguez, Alfonso Surface charge behavior and adsorption of surfactants on carbonate rocks. Khan, Amir Amanullah An Ethernet bridge with packet filtering and statistics collection capabilities.


Al-Kaabi, Umar Dujain Ubaid Electron capture from hydrogenic systems by positrons and positive muons. Ahmad, Shaik Ilias Three-dimensional transient temperature analysis of friction welding of cylindrical bars. Ismail, Basel Optimal assessment of using solar and wind power for desalination on the Eastern coast of Saudi Arabia. Ali, Shahid Scheduling and allocation in high-level synthesis using genetic algorithm.

Al-Asfoor, Mashhoor Dawood Computerized conceptual-cost-estimating system for domestic water supply projets. Farooqui, Mohammed Sajeed Combined electrooxidation and electrocoagulation processes for the treatment of municipal wastewater.

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Al-Ahmadi, ali Saud Abbas Digital filter design by approximate time-domain modeling. Sujaulhaq Shafiulhaq, Syed Ammar A.

Abujiya, Mu’azu Ramat Some aspects of statistical quality control using ranked set sampling. Mohib, Khuram Razzak Plasto-damage model for stress-strain behavior of soil.

Jawaid, Syed Mohammad Ali Creep characteristics of local sands. Al-Faraj, Shaker Ali Ahmed. Qhusro, Ahmed Abdul Mujeeb Invariant object recognition. Al-Awami, Luwai Hussain Model-based controller design for a thwsis pulping reactor.

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Al-Qahtani, Ali Saeed Two-point boundary value problems for first order impulsive differential equations. Butt, Rasheed Ahmed Design of composite die for wire drawing.

Ahmad, Mansoor Influence of Ozone bubbling thhesis and reaction Kinetics in Ozone-Wastewater disinfection system.


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Hussain, Shaik Palur Akbar Role of sodium chloride in low temperaturs hot corrosion of superalloys. Khan, Khaqan Fracture toughness investigation of an indigenous limestone rock formation. Abdul-Nabi, Dawoud Yaagoub Shehadah Analytical calculation of bow shock waves from delta shaped supersonic lifting wings.

Ahmed, Abdisalam Mohamed Modeling of biological wastewater treatment in sequencing batch reactors. Ibrahim, Mohammed Performance evaluation of libray surface treatment materials.

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Al-Qahtani, Mohhmad Shayea Ali Forced flow in the entry region of kvupm annuli with impulsively rotated inner walls. Khan, Murtaza Ali An efficient font design method. Port Controlled Hamiltonian Approach.

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Gbadebo, Semiu Adesina An experimental investigation of heat transfer in the thermally developing region of a pulsating pipe flow. Hussain, ahmed Research statement.

kfupm thesis library

Mahamud, Mohamed Muse Durability and thermal incompatibility of concrete constituents made from local materials in the Arabian Gulf Countries.