Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. Leicester also built a loggia , or open gallery, beside the great keep to lead to the new formal gardens. To the north-west of the castle are earthworks marking the spot of the “Pleasance”, created in by Henry V. Dudley was a patron of John Shute , an early exponent of classical architecture in England, and began the process of modernising Kenilworth. The rise of Protestantism will be covered with a unit on the German Reformation. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The rise of Protestantism will be covered with a unit on the German Reformation. Colonel Joseph Hawkesworth, responsible for the implementation of the slighting, acquired the estate for himself and converted Leicester’s gatehouse into a house; part of the base court was turned into a farm, and many of the remaining buildings were stripped for their materials. The castle was built over several centuries. The great hall replaced an earlier sequence of great halls on the same site, and was heavily influenced by Edward III ‘s design at Windsor Castle. During its early campaigns, Kenilworth formed a useful counterbalance to the Parliamentary stronghold of Warwick. Explore the British History Timeline from the Neolithic to the present day.

We will write a custom paper sample on Kenilworth Castle specifically for you. AroundKing John further extended the castle; an additional perimeter wall was added along with towers to protect strategic points in the defence. Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours Kenilworth’s inner court consists of a number of buildings set against a bailey wall, originally of Norman origin, exploiting the defensive value of a natural knoll that rises up steeply from the surrounding area.

Students will learn to use and evaluate evidence from the past and craft reasoned arguments. Kenilworth remained a ruin during the 18th and 19th centuries, still used as a farm but increasingly also popular as a tourist attraction. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


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In Year 13 they will look at the changing nature of warfare in Britain from the s through to WWI. The castle remained the property of the Clarendons untilwhen Lord Clarendon found the maintenance of caxtle castle too expensive and sold Kenilworth to the industrialist Sir John Siddeley.

From Years 7 — 13 History is an incredibly popular subject, offering cross curricular skills, developing an understanding of the wider world and showing us how we got to where we are now. Major events such as the major crises over Germany, the Cuban Missile Crisis and the eventual collapse of the Soviet Union are covered.

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On this page Kenilworth Castle Page options Print this page. English castles, including Kenilworth, did not play a decisive role during the Wars of the Roses —85which were fought primarily in the form of pitched battles between the rival factions of the Lancastrians and the Yorkists.


How about receiving a customized one? Kenilworth Castle, viewed from the Tiltyard. The castle was built over several centuries. One wall of the great tower, various parts of the outer bailey and the battlements were destroyed, but not before the building was surveyed by the antiquarian William Dugdalewho published his results in Elizabeth visited in andby which time Leicester had commissioned the royal architect Henry Hawthorne to produce plans for a dramatic, classical extension of the cqstle side of the inner court.

We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. John of Gaunt spent lavishly in the late 14th century, turning the medieval castle into a palace fortress designed in the latest perpendicular style. For most of Kenilworth’s history histpry role of the castle garden, used for entertainment, would have been very distinct from that of the surrounding chase, used primarily for hunting.

Kenilworth was restored to Dudley’s son, Robert, Earl of Leicesterinfour years after the succession of Elizabeth I to the throne. Take a journey through the history of the home.


kenilworth castle history coursework

This page has been archived and is coursewor longer updated. Click to learn more https: The Siege of Kenilworth Castle in was “probably the longest in English history” according to historian Norman Pounds, and at the time was also the largest siege to have occurred in England in terms of the number of soldiers involved.

In the first major building work took place at Kenilworth, a Motte and Bailey castle was built on the rocky, gravely hill in the place of the old Watchtower, fifty two years after a Motte and Bailey structure had appeared down the road at Warwick. The keep was an oblong shape building with square towers. Sketchbooks, Drawings and WatercoloursTate.

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During Year 8 students focus on life during the reign of the Tudors, the impact of the Civil War, the role of Empire and they finish the year with a depth study on Kenilworth. The Spring term has a focus on the British Empire and also covers the slave trade in the USA and the abolition of slavery.

kenilworth castle history coursework

Sir Robert Dudley, having tried and failed to establish his legitimacy in front of the Court of the Star Chamberwent to Italy in Kenilworth School offers an exciting and varied History Curriculum across the age ranges developing skills of analysis, interpretation and explanation.

Much of the northern part of the inner bailey was built by the 14th-century noble John of Gaunt between and The rest of Kenilworth Castle’s interior is divided into three areas: The Tiltyard causeway acted both as a dam and as part of the barbican defences. For the remainder of the year, students follow a British History route.