The highlights of scheme are as follows: For assistance from WHO. What you’ll find on Docplexus? Name of the scheme s. Pharmacovigilance – Need of hour Dr.

Emeritus Medical Scientist Scheme. The value of the studentship will be Rs. The primary aim of the ICMR is to promote research in the country in the fields of medicine, public health and allied areas. Five fellowships per year. The amount will be used by the candidate for pursuance of research and may use the funds for purchase of reagents, preparation of thesis, secretarial assistance or any other activity connected with the research project following fair and reasonable procedure. When and how to submit a proposal.

Praveen Kumar B liked a comment. A total of Fellowships would be awarded.

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The grant will be released at the end of the course on production on documents listed at 2. This programme is not open to students of paramedical courses. The prescribed format of the concerned Foundation is to be used. A scientist with outstanding achievements and recognition in a given field can approach ICMR with a specific proposal.

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For assistance from WHO. For more details, website of ICMR may be seen. If registered for P. Programme is ongoing at three Centres viz. An additional 1 year post Doctoral fellowship will be given to successful candidates.


To achieve the objective md/mx building up of a highly thwsis pool of biomedical researchers in all aspects of biomedical research including basic, applied, epidemiological and clinical sciences, the ICMR has embarked upon an International fellowship programme for capacity strengthening of scientists of our country.

icmr md/ms thesis grant

Detailed proposal with budget requirement on the pattern of adhoc yrant application form may be submitted. Recepient of Best research poster presentation at state level cardiology conference.

icmr md/ms thesis grant

An electronic copy of the same. As prescribed by the Department of Science and Technology from time to time – Fellowship stipend and contingency. Forms can also be downloaded from ICMR website http: This scheme was formulated to encourage in-depth research on an identified research problem with the aim of generating new knowledge and md/me a better understanding of a disease or a health condition.

The grant shall be released in the name of the head of the Institute directly with a copy to the Guide and the candidate. The assistance is provided by way of grants to scientists in regular employment in the universities, medical colleges, postgraduate institutions, recognized research and development laboratories and NGOs. What you’ll find on Docplexus?

ICMR Scheme for MD/MS-PhD Programme | Indian Council of Medical Research | Government of India

Docplexus Online Services Pvt. Open-ended Research Ad-hoc Projects on the basis of applications for grants-in-aid received from scientists in non-ICMR Research Institutes located in different parts of the country.


Twenty fellowships would be awarded for work with emphasis on social sciences like psychology, sociology, home science, statistics, environmental sciences, anthropology and social work. The applicant should be a citizen of a developing country and working in that country. Most of these projects are also reviewed by subject specialists before being considered by the PRCs.

An undertaking to the effect that the funds received from the Council will be used strictly for the purpose for which it has been released and. Limited to 50 per year. Praveen Kumar B has not filled out their experience. Tests are conducted all over India once a year. These projects are time-bound, with a goal-oriented approach and clearly defined targets, specific time frames and conducted by standardised and uniform methodologies.

The final report is reviewed by the PRC. For educational qualification etc. Any Questions or Suggestions?