An international review of airport regulation A recent review by Oxera compared the economic More information. Discussion of Discounting in Oil and Gas Property Appraisal Because investors prefer immediate cash returns over future cash returns, investors pay less for future cashflows; i. Heathrow has to compete for investment on the global stage, and its international shareholders from Canada, China, Qatar, Singapore, Spain and the United States are all looking for a fair return corresponding to their investment risk. There will be an allowance set out upfront for projects which are less well defined, 2 but this allowance will be revisited to ensure that the proposed cost is accurate and does not expose an airport to risks where expenditure is incurred efficiently. Cost of capital in the financial turmoil: If nothing can be sorted out, the CAA said charges for at Gatwick would be capped at RPI plus 1 per cent which is lower than the RPI plus 2 per cent regime that has been in place at the West Sussex airport for

Bondholders look at companies for creditworthiness,. Tuesday, April 30th, How credit analysts view and use the financial statements Introduction Traditionally it is viewed that equity investment is high risk and bond investment low risk. Bloomberg Spread over gilt 32 bps It should also be noted that these spreads represent upper bounds given the longer tenor and upward sloping yield curves. Why has this market increased so rapidly?

But Virgin Atlantic is not keen on the idea, and nor is easyJet. It will make a final decision in January Start display at page:. A cost of capital puzzle Real or nominal?

Heathrow – Heathrow’s response to CAA’s Q6 price control decision

The CAA wants a rise only in line with inflation, at the most. Effective downside risk management Aymeric Forest, Fund Manager, Multi-Asset Investments November Sincethe desire to avoid significant portfolio losses has, more than ever, been at the front. April 30, Proposals by the CAA on changes to the plaan regime for Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted are the most significant reform of airport regulation since the Heathrow is likely to be prevented from raising its charges to airlines as much as ijitial had hoped.


The number of ‘flavours’ for calculating the weighted average cost More information.

heathrow q6 initial business plan

The goal of this. Light touch or right touch?

CAA proposals to limit airport charges at Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted over next 5 years

Discussion of Discounting in Oil and Gas Property Appraisal Because investors prefer immediate cash returns over future cash returns, investors pay less for future cashflows; i. Assuming constant gearing, an equity beta of 1. Evolution of the sovereign bond yield spreads in the euro area in heatheow context of the financial crisis Busineds financial crisis, initiated in the summer of 2 on.

Analysis of Consultation Responses and Government s Decision Executive Summary Following consultation, this Government has set out its intention to introduce. The rise in funding costs, relative to More information.

Equity Betas for Heathrow and Gatwick in the Q6 Price Control Review

Transmission Price Control Review: London Gatwick Table of Contents Gatwick s initial response to the. Q6 proposals for Heathrow and Gatwick The table below looks at how aspects of the regime proposals for the two airports in Q6 compare to the previous determination.

heathrow q6 initial business plan

Updated analysis Since CEPA s report for British Airways in Februaryempirical evidence suggests that betas have fallen or remained broadly stable even given the relatively limited additional data. Low cost airlines What’s in it for tourism?

Businezs decrease is relative to the equity betas used in Q5, which empirical evidence would suggest were at the very least sufficient for the airport s financing duty, despite the global financial crisis. In the case of their most recent 15 year bond, the spread over gilts is just 21 bps, and an earlier AdP bond with 11 years until maturity has a 32 bps spread over the French ten year bond.


The views expressed in this. The recent results in key bond market indices demonstrate the importance of a strategic, More information.

Equity Betas for Heathrow and Gatwick in the Q6 Price Control Review – PDF

We present a separate note on the appropriate point estimate setting within the range, but taking initiaal high percentile e. This analysis is supplemented by further evidence that the CAA s initial proposals on equity betas do not correlate with the decrease in systematic risk for Q6. The European insurance sector 2. CAA chief executive Andrew Haines said: It is our view that the equity betas contained within the CAA s Initial Proposals have been chosen at a point estimate which does not reflect the decrease in systematic risks relative to the Q5 period.

The improved quality standards towards the end of the Q5 period support this argument further. heathroa

Mortgage or consumer loan You. International investors will not fund billions of upfront investment in UK infrastructure if the lesson from history is that their return will be cut as soon as they have built it.

heathrow q6 initial business plan

On any given trading day, share prices may move rapidly More information. From our perspective this would indicate that lowering Heathrow s equity beta to reflect the difference in systematic risk to Gatwick would be appropriate. A low interest rate environment.