When does a story emerge and how can you shape it? What did they look like and to whom? How do you bring them to life? We experience the world through our senses – through sound, sight, touch, taste and smell. Please see our terms and conditions for more information on our refund policy. Tutorials Tutorials x 6 students to include feedback on short story 1. The range of prose styles is enormous, from extremely pared-down language to heightened poetic prose.

Personal project In this session we will focus on a project that you might want to develop after the course. Go to About Us home. How to finish a work of fiction – this level is for writers who are ready to undertake the demanding process of establishing a final draft. Profile of the tutor Mark McCrum has published fifteen books, including five top ten bestsellers. There will be an extended discussion about the nature and purpose of the course, the language of giving and receiving constructive critical feedback, the expectations, ambitions and intentions of the group. Current Students and Staff.

Media Room Latest News. No more than words excluding short extracts.

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Assessment Writers who successfully complete the course will receive a successful completion certificate from UEA. Sessions may change depending on the needs of the group – any changes will be discussed with the group before confirmation.

This will involve writing, guidance from the tutor and perhaps some group sharing of ideas and workshopping. Masterclsss does it differently.

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Course programme This outline is a guide to the course. By learning more about how others have written biography, you will be able to discover the best method for writing about your chosen subject. This question of voice will extend in the second half of the session creatjve a discussion of narrative voice in our own work.


Starting a novel is easy, finishing it is hard — the greatest challenge to masgerclass novelists is commitment.

The reader then conjures up an image of an old man through specific, significant detail rather than generalisation. Developing Memoir, weeks 13 – 18 Session Week 10 Exploring the genre: There will be several small writing projects to complete during the course, culminating in a 5, word final submission, during the creation of which students wrifing receive one-on-one feedback and support from Ross in tutorial.

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Should this be objective and impartial; should it be affectionate or satirical: We will discuss the usefulness and relevance of this method to your own work. Boost productivity and develop healthy habits.

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How do you mix scene and summary? You will have the opportunity to meet working editors and agents who will offer their professional advice for getting published. This workshop will focus on the process before approaching a fist draft. For information on our full range of classes, sign up to the Guardian Masterclasses newsletterfollow us on Twitteror keep an eye on our calendar.

guardian uea creative writing masterclass

The course will have places for 12 participants who will meet for one three-hour session per week 6. He or she will explain how they came to write their memoir, the challenges they faced, and open themselves up to questions from the group.


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Tutorials Tutorials x 6 students to include feedback on short story 1 Session Creative writing How to get your novel published: Reduce your waste How to live a plastic-free life.

Research The students will have already carried out research in preparation for this class, researching something far removed from their own lives. For further information contact: On receipt of your application, you will receive an electronic confirmation.

Inspiring articles on a wide range of topics, plus inspirational interviews with our attendees and tutors. Participants will be asked to bring and read out a short extract one page maximum by their favourite author.

guardian uea creative writing masterclass

Working with memory We will look at the business of how we remember and pull witing true and valid insights from our past. Workshopping Workshop devoted to remaining five writers and their 2, words. In the second half of the session we will continue this discussion but in relation to questions raised by our own work in biography.

Fun and informative blogposts on a wide range of topics, plus inspirational interviews with our attendees and tutors.