It showcases Chinese porcelain, carpets, painting, parchments and armoury. I had never heard of this place before! Dear Aileen Chang, I came across this post of yours while googling for information about Gol Gumbaz which I visited last week. It is the second largest dome in the world after St Peter’s Basilica in Rome. This famous monument of Bijapur is located in the heart of the city. Thank you for sharing. Wow, what a neat place!

Added to my list for sure. You are blessed to be there at the right time not to have many people to disturb the experience. Your writeup is inspiring us to do that.. Beautiful petals covering the drum are carved at its base. Cambridge University in bijapur Press.

You edsay me feel like I was there with you. It is said that this is bigger than the Parthenon of Greecewhich is one of the enormous and magnificent structures.


In other projects Wikimedia Commons. This mausoleum is one of the finest structural triumphs of the Indian builders because of its astonishing size. Lakshadweep – The Water World Dive into the emerald blue waters of Lakshadweep Islands to see an absolutely contrast world where waves hug you and adventure sports is an extension to explore the water kingdom. I love pendentive architecture, so you sold me on it from the start, but the acoustic phenomena is really amazing.


Interested in Other Monuments? There is a gateway as well as a Dharamshala located nearby.

gol gumbaz essay

The mausoleum took about 30 years to construct esay was completed in I stood and looked all around and was enveloped by an eerie feeling, as I stood alone inside the vast dome enveloped in semi-darkness.

Gol Gumbaz and Ibrahim Roza in Bijapur continue to draw hundreds of visitors every day.

gol gumbaz essay

The dome houses the tombs of Muhammad Adil Shah, his two wives, his mistress, his daughter and grandson. Added to my list for sure. Great writeup and wonderful images.

The geometric references of both Christian and Islamic sacred buildings were not merely rooted in mystical thought with no scientific basis. The months from October to February are probably the best months to visit Gol Gumbaz due to pleasant weather.

You are blessed to be there at the right time not to have many people to disturb the experience. This central eesay is the ugmbaz largest dome in the world after the dome of St.

gol gumbaz essay

They are divided in seven floors and is crowned with a hemispheric dome. The construction of this monument continued throughout Mohammed Adil Shah’s regime and was not completely executed due to his sudden demise in I also loved the way you put me gkmbaz the city, feeling the sweat essya from my brow and wishing I had hailed a tuk tuk.


The Rise and Fall of Theranos. What Makes the Gol Gumbaz Astonishing?

Gol Gumbaz – The Famous Indian Monuments

I can imagine being freaked out the in Whispering Gallery, hearing all those noises! I am seriously speechless. Thank you for sharing.

Request you to visit http: Staircases in the walls of the main building lead to the seven-story octagonal tower at each of the four corners. The conversion of a square hall while going up into an octagon and then into a circle finally is a great engineering accomplishment.

Gol Gumbaz, Bijapur | Images, History, Architecture & Information

Would love to visit! Your posts are really educative. There have been no reductions in the number of Indian tourists visiting the two sites, there has been a decrease of between 50 and in the number of arrivals from abroad compared to last year.

Bijapur is an important city in Karnataka and is well connected by the major parts of the state as well as the country. I just feels good rolling off my tongue. Ranked 1 among Places to Visit in Bijapur. The whispering gallery is intriguing.