Jordan experienced a horrible situation in which she got made fun of on the site. Now we know too much. These thoughts shared on Yik Yak are not hurting anyone and are allowing people who feel lonely to speak about the little things in their day to a group of people in the same environment as them. Researchers agree that a key factor that influences both the reinforcing and the defensive cyber-bullying behavior online is the anonymity feature afforded by digital spaces Barlett, ; Barlett, et al. Yik Yak, this narrative argues, is a hate speech forum.

The anonymity of this app is not a shield. Since the launch act essay the app, it has had multiple modifications. Facebook is the accepted norm for a discourse of complaint. While the poster may originally feel limited by their radius, the app has gone to great lengths to give them a farther reach, and at the very least access to other locations. What I’m Reading This Week: By providing an anonymous and open platform for widespread hyperlocal participation, Yik Yak thus aimed to give everyone a voice and, in a sense, equalize participation surrounding campus-related issues.

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Weekly update with news, essays and career advice about diversity in higher ed, sent each Tuesday. Does anonymity really help? Support for essah basketball team.

Because the post is proximate, I will know that the retoric important point I was making about an upcoming assessment seminar no one will attend likely went unheard. For example, by analyzing randomly chosen user comments on articles about immigration, half from newspapers that allowed anonymous postings, ykk as the Los Angeles Times and the Houston Chronicleand half from those that did not, such as USA Today and the Wall Street Journalresearchers found that the level of civility dramatically improved in online conversations when anonymity is removed, suggesting not just a correlation between anonymity and incivility but direct causation Santana, Online, bystanders can easily witness and engage in cyberbullying behaviors Chang, ; Kowalski, et al.

This banal point means that I can continue to follow Yik Yak conversations even when I am away from the physical space of academic life. But is this really the only morally relevant question one could ask? Some are exasperated with their colleagues.


Essay on the rhetoric about Yik Yak and college students

I am a Yik Yak lurker. With anonymous apps such as Yik Yak we have grown to expect that. My generation has grown up relying on a social media presence and it has become engrained into our lives.

Edexcel gcse pe coursework guide edition essay analysis format guide short essay on unity in diversity in nepal facts mla format quotes in essay from website design Jacob: Our generation grew up in an era where parents scolded their children for being online and insisted it was much more beneficial to play with our friends outside.

Essay on the rhetoric about yik yak and college students

But, in the same time, as these incidents on college campuses indicate, instances of cyberbullying, uncivil behavior and hate speech were frequent on the app Dewey, rhetorric Sigl, and Horsman explored the implications of legal and regulatory challenges of anonymity in these instances for the design of applications like Yik Yak. SIDE suggests that the ability to individuate each member of a group undermines the perceptual unity of the group Spears and Lea, ; as anonymity obscures personal features and interpersonal differences, the relative importance of interpersonal concerns is diminished, in favor of a focus on the group as a whole Spears and Lea, Another key feature of Yik Yak, and an important complement to its anonymity, is its hyperlocality.

As a result, researchers have studied how bystanders react to bullying. Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden is crafting a climate change policy he hopes will appeal to both environmentalists and the When my generation arrived on scene riding the first wave of widespread cyberculture and technology accessibility, we aboyt this idea to create accounts on Formspring, an anonymous forum we could use to bully each other over the Internet during the tender, formative years of middle school.

essay on the rhetoric about yik yak and college students

The aqua dams, provided by the state, are rolled out and then pumped full of water to act as a physical barrier against rising water. His final note read: Confessions of a Community College Dean. The truth is, non-public scholarships and grants usually are very extraordinary not to mention difficult acquire.


These findings have important implications for leveraging in these characteristics in designing anonymous online communication platforms or applications like Yik Yak. There is something wrong with the Democratic Party As we grew older and our Formspring accounts fell to the wayside, people grew hungry with the need to spread gossip about their peers and colleagues over the World Wide Web, and smart phone apps began to gain popularity. We’ve sent an email with instructions to create a new password.

essay on the rhetoric about yik yak and college students

Building shudents online communities: In particular, researchers have found that lack of eye-contact and accountability play a significant role in the sense of anonymity that leads to toxic disinhibition and aggressive online behavior Lapidot-Lefler and Barak, ; DeAndrea, et al.

Therefore, based on existing research on digital anonymity and cyberbullying, we suggest that these consequences are not incidental, but ezsay inherent in this combination of features and therefore in the design of the app itself.

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Someone wrote about her weight in a cruel way, and it was impossible for her to know who it was. Learning from the case of Yik Yak, we offer a few guidelines for designing socially responsible digital platforms, by emphasizing the incorporation of moral considerations into design process.

The media theorist Marshall McLuhan proclaimed proximity as a central tenet of new media logics. I know of one colleague who is. Between meetings, walking to class, or heading to the parking garage, I might open Yik Yak and follow a string of yaks. Again, Yik Yak was slow to realize the importance of such features.