Literaturverzeichnis List of figures Figure 1: The ability to plan the estimated throughput time of individual orders precisely in advance is of key importance for manufacturing companies, as it allows them to accurately predict the earliest possible delivery date. Bremer Schriften zur integrierten Produkt- und Prozessentwicklung, Band Important for them would be economic indicators that show that further training pays off for the company, i. These training measures are not “dealt with” in a 2-day seminar – these skills often have to be taught and trained and lived internally. Now the expectations placed on education management are very “high” – because now the continuing training processes are to be reviewed and presented in terms of effectiveness and efficiency – as well as a permanent concept for measuring success. By methodical control of interference factors, companies are able to realise ramp-up goals in regard to time, cost, quality and quantity.

A critical step within this procedure is the search for a suitable concept. The aim of this paper was to support work planning and, in particular, work plan creation in such a way that the internal workpiece condition can be described when planning high-tensile steel components of propulsion technology with regards to distortion. However, not much research has been devoted to exploring systematically this technology’s influence on the dynamics of container flows. The main research question was: The focus of this investigation is different design choices and hyperparameters and their influence on the overall detection result. Developing a flexible robot for unloading different types of goods from containers requires an object recognition method that is able to detect and locate individual goods from several classes of forms and unknown sizes correctly.


The developed integrated planning method for production and distribution scheduling is based on a framework with a multi-stage decomposition and integration procedure of the sub-problems. The concept presented in this thesis makes it possible to provide TC services oriented to individual customer requirements, lower development and maintenance costs, and shorten product cycles.

This thesis is concerned with the conception of a design method for modeling mobile interaction devices with a special focus upon intelligent production environments. This thesis shows that the logistic target parameters can be improved this way.

Here, however, contrklling also occur which cannot be adequately addressed by applying common planning and control methods. A critical step within this procedure is the search for a suitable concept.


Synchronization theory offers dissretation methods for this purpose. Dussertation routes were defined in PERT networks, and the uncertainty of the compliance controlilng a specific delivery date was calculated by means of a combination of stochastic and mathematical models. This thesis develops a process model that identifies key design elements for a company-specific simulation game template by analysing the current business situation. Methods for measuring the success of continuing education 3.

Bildungscontrolling — ein Konzept zur Optimierung der betrieblichen Weiterbildung, S. And precisely here is the problem of small and medium-sized enterprises – can they also achieve this long-term 5 – 10 years minimum view with the ever shorter product life cycles and faster growing markets mentioned.

Striking differences from large firms are in particular the flat hierarchies and the short communications channels, with limited formalism.

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Expenses are more likely to be incurred if an error is allowed to controling. One cannot deny here that of course the “major strategic” training measures are also considered, controlling always for business reasons and rarely according to strategic training processes, benefit aspects or success criteria for the company.

Produktionsplanung und -steuerung in mehrstufigen Batchproduktionen – Methoden der Loskomposition und -terminierung bei stufenspezifischen Auftragsfamilien Production planning and control in multi-stage batch productions — Methods for batch composition and scheduling in stage-specific order families Short lead times for large batches The dilemma of operations scheduling is a familiar challenge when it comes to planning in the manufacturing industry and describes the trade-off between minimum lead times and maximum capacity utilisation.

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These are small examples of problems that education controlling is intended to solve and xontrolling are relevant not only in economically difficult times for the Particularly, the early processes situated in the DC have different situations and are not considered in the model. Verlagsgruppe Mainz GmbH, Aachen.

dissertation controlling kmu

It must be examined whether the use of funds can be justified economically, whether there are alternative possibilities of achieving the objectives and with which consequences these alternatives are associated with regard to the achievement of objectives and the use of funds.

One example is deterministic chaos, which may cause an only apparently random behavior.

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Besides order release, also the traditional planning cntrolling of dispatching, scheduling and capacity control are meanwhile tasks of manufacturing control. This results in cost-intensive isolated solutions rather than economically beneficial standard products.


The main reasons preventing implementation were said to be the costs of introduction, standardisation and qualifications, [27] ‘ There are hardly any representative international studies on the distribution of ITIL, There is a study by the IT consulting firm Dimension Data inThe conclusion was that ITIL is most widely used in Europe, ocntrolling around two third of the companies use this framework for service management.

This thesis presents a new concept for digital production system engineering in the context of Digital Factory, which is focused on the integrated planning and simulation of complex CFRP production scenarios. The demand for what are known as intelligent, innovative and efficient transport systems is constantly on the increase in the logistics sector.

The daily business of SMEs requires readiness for rapid reaction and flexible decisions. Datenreport zum Berufsbildungsreport, S.

Introduction to the topic – importance of continuing vocational training in enterprises, especially in small and medium-sized enterprises Nobody would set up a new subsidiary or launch a new product on the market without making sure that this would pay off. The simulation outcome has been applied in cost-benefit-analyses for eight different business cases to approve the adoption of different types of E-Seal in container systems.

A mere assertion of success or the claim of innovative, qualitatively demanding further training is no longer sufficient. The industrialization of CFRP production demands new engineering tools in order to develop more efficient production systems. This doctoral thesis evaluates the application of the autonomous control paradigm in the sector of event logistics, especially in relation to the disposition of rental articles. Employees who previously had no direct connection with collaborative processes are faced with new tasks that they are not always able to overcome.

In traditional machine learning, features are hand-coded and therefore designed manually. The method has been realised in a software demonstrator and was exemplarily used in an automotive supplier company.