An introduction to the study of the bacterio-pathology of the dental pulp. In addition to bacteria, fungi and archaea have been only occasionally found in intraradicular infections 5 , 31 , 32 , while herpesviruses and HIV have been detected in apical periodontitis lesions 4 , 33 — Molecular biology methods have caused a great impact in the knowledge of the bacterial diversity in endodontic infections Parvimonas micra Dialister spp. Support Center Support Center. Spirochetes comprise another bacterial group that has been shown to have as-yet-uncultivated representatives in primary infections.

The size of the apical periodontitis lesion has been shown to be proportional to the number of bacterial species and cells in the root canal 2 , 30 , This panel of selected pathogens can then be used against large numbers of clinical samples with reduced cost and time to identify associations with specific disease forms, signs, and symptoms. Search and download doctoral PHD dissertations from Sweden. All who received treatment on a tooth with a periapical radiolucency in the Postgraduate Endodontics Clinic, University of Maryland School of Dentistry were invited for a two to five-year follow-up examination. However, given the recognized importance of bacteria in causing apical periodontitis and the much broader species richness of bacteria when compared to fungi and archaea, this paper will limit its focus hereafter exclusively on bacteria. Endodontic treatment in young permanent teeth University dissertation from Swedish Dental Journal Author: The last years have witnessed a trend toward a more holistic concept of the etiology of human endogenous infections that considers the bacterial community as the unit of pathogenicity

Taxonomy, biology, and periodontal aspects of Fusobacterium nucleatum.

Distinctive features of the microbiota associated with different forms of apical periodontitis

Sixty teeth were examined, in 30 patients taking statins and 30 periodontitie taking statins control. Invariant T cell subsets in immune defense of periiodontitis mucosa and skin University dissertation from Stockholm: Some gram-negative anaerobic bacteria have been suggested to be involved with symptomatic lesions 2264573 — 76but the same species may also be present in somewhat similar frequencies in asymptomatic cases 4347 — 50 Interspecies interactions within oral microbial communities.


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Therefore, specificity in causation of apical periodontitis appears to be stronger at the community level. A shift in the community structure is then suspected to precede the emergence of symptoms.

dissertation apical periodontitis

Primary infections are conspicuously dominated by anaerobic bacteria organized in a mixed community. A high variability was observed for both interindividual samples from the dissertwtion root region but from different patients and intraindividual samples from different regions of the same root comparisons. Clinical significance of dental root canal microflora.

Cytomegalovirus and Epstein-Barr virus are associated with symptomatic periapical pathosis. Bacteria in the apical root canal of teeth with primary apical periodontitis.

Bacteria settled in the apical root canal are in a strategic position to induce dissertagion to the periradicular tissues. A substantial expansion in knowledge of the diversity of the endodontic microorganisms involved with different clinical conditions has occurred over the last decade. The main examples are Tannerella forsythiaDialister species D. Even so, one can select 10—20 species that are virtually always among the most frequently detected species in most well-conducted studies about the endodontic microbiota.

Fusobacterium nucleatum in endodontic flare-ups. Psriodontitis fact that E. Again, identification of specific pathogen or molecular patterns related to treatment outcome may probably be dissrrtation best way to establish tests to serve as a more accurate surrogate outcome.

Dark-field observation of the bacterial distribution in root canals following pulp necrosis. Identification and potential mechanisms of resistance to antimicrobial measures. Are dental diseases examples of ecological catastrophes?


dissertation apical periodontitis

Please review our privacy policy. As one pegiodontitis see, many issues related to the basic and applied science of endodontic microbiology remain to be addressed.

In another study, Siqueira et al. In that case, bacteria were found in the associated lesion.

The Association of Statin Intake and Healing of Apical Periodontitis After Root Canal Treatment

Associations between microbial species disserttation dental root canal infections. Identifier to cite or link to this item http: In this regard, further studies exploring a holistic view of periodonitis infections are made necessary, where the species colonizing the untreated or treated canal should be dissdrtation as part of an ecosystem, in which they live in communities whose outcome of physiology and function will determine the outcome of the tissue response, i.

The microbiota of acute apical abscesses. Fungi are only occasionally found in primary infections, but Candida species, particularly C. For instance, the acute apical abscess is usually dependent on the intraradicular infection, i. Identification of the community members can reveal the presence of some species or group of species that may be important for the causation of some forms of disease.

This is because perodontitis species may apparently occupy the same niche in different communities as suggested by studies showing a high interindividual variability in the endodontic bacterial communities associated with the same disease condition 18 Therefore, factors other than the mere presence of a given putative pathogenic species may play a role in the etiology of symptomatic endodontic infections 77

dissertation apical periodontitis