Write a compelling cover letter. Be ready to write down their names. Identify the Hiring Manager using LinkedIn, Google, and possibly your connections and address correspondence to this person. Stand out in the application by showing interest in the commercial side of science. Be prepared to negotiate during the interview.

Part 2 topics include interviewing and negotiation. Prepare application materials Job descriptions: Then ask for the offer details in writing. Specify how your prior experience complements the position, your ability to do the job successfully, and include your motivation for applying to the specific position. Be clear when you have finished talking by ending each of your responses with a definitive statement.

Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out

Writing a Cover Letter? Be confident and professional.

cbcd cover letter guide

Customize your resume to reflect the job description. How are you different from everyone else who will be applying? Is your education directly transferable? Negotiate with confidence by first researching typical salaries.

Job search tips for research in industry

We recommend dressing professionally and sitting with straight posture as you would guise you were interviewing in-person. Identify the Hiring Manager using LinkedIn, Google, and possibly your connections and address correspondence to this person.


View resources and tips for applying to management consulting positions and check out resources from Harvard’s Graduate Consulting Club. Read strategies for negotiating compensation packages.

cbcd cover letter guide

Be ready to write down their names. Doing so is considered plagiarism.

Most government employees work through contractors. Choose primary and not secondary skills. Negotiation Nervous about negotiation? A few examples of career pathway-specific conventions For management consulting: Schedule a quiet space with a landline or wired ethernet connection if guode. Negotiation is part what you say and all about how you say it.

Interviewing The interview process typically starts with the phone interview.

Do not copy the wording in these documents. A common misconception in negotiation is that you have no bargaining power.

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This first interview will determine whether you are technically qualified for the job, your communication skills, and if you would enjoy doing the work. Write a compelling cover huide. This prepared statement serves as a starting point for conversation. Be prepared to submit a formal writing sample or previous publications.


Have you worked in the same industry? On a phone call this is especially important because you are missing visual cues.

cbcd cover letter guide

When you are offered the job, express enthusiasm about the offer and the job. Read about typical questions asked during the interview.

Cbcd cover letter guide

Prepare application materials Job descriptions: Carefully read and interpret the job description. Write a compelling cover letter. Express appreciation for their time and also comment on something interesting that you learned from your conversation. Patricia Labosky and Dr. You want to have a sense cbcx the challenges the department or company is facing and where your role fits into addressing them.

Will it fit you personally and professionally?