He certainly never says why. It’s a very elite group of individuals in this series that ask to be saved. They started out as just acquaintances, and then this moment really solidified a growing friendship: Her reaching back to him? And he can’t end up with anyone in a rabu-rabu romance, either, that’s sacrilege when there is only One True Romance in a Disney film. Asking to walk a love-interest home while she cutely blushes?

Guess what, everyone who thinks that Ichigo knows exactly who is calling him, this page is without even those pronouns. Perhaps witnessing just how happy Ichigo looked when he saw Orihime again, prompted Urahara to concoct his master-plan. His expression in Chapter Yet, why didn’t he? What point was he trying to make here? But if you did, know this.

Why IchiHime was obvious as hell for endgame (regardless of the fandom’s denial about it)

You’re only setting yourself up for disappointment. This arc was his way of letting you know. His Allon-like Hollow form is gone. He is visibly affected by her words – you can see it.

Ichigo likes to think that he’s all about protecting, about fighting to protect, and when he comes out of whatever just happened, he finds that he stabbed his own friend and fought in such a way that his enemy is now dying. Keep in mind that Ichigo doesn’t even know Orihime has feelings for him.


Wow, words out of my mouth.

bleach ichihime essay

IchiHime is the only Ichigo-pairing to have a confirmed mutual attraction. That is not the right attitude for saving someone who should be your friend, much less the love of your life.

bleach ichihime essay

And yes, I call him IchiThing. Anonymous on July 26th, She does not say that she wants to help – she simply asks for Ishida to take her up. Do I even need to spell out ichihmie implication behind that?

They make each other happy: I’m Eskiwen on FR as well! I just come on tumblr for the pretty pictures, mostly. Instead, his face nearly catches on fire with a blush.

Eski’s tumblr • Revisiting the ‘Lust Arc = Ichihime FAIL!’ Essay

Wouldn’t want people to miss the Ulquiorra and ByaRuki sections of this essay. The difference between here and the beginning of the story is evident.

Have you noticed the clear, undeniable pattern here? She turns Sora back to sanity, she protects Tatsuki – they protect and cherish her essaay her life, and she returns these precious people the favor.


Hinamori is in a lot of pain here, but Thanks for the complimentary words. Then when it actually turns out to be different from what you are ASSUMING,you would keep on finding lots of excuses why it didn’t turn out to be like you want it to be.

Ichigo & Orihime

Ulquiorra tries to reprimand and manipulate her, Ichigo tells him to shut the hell up. Is he just a plot device?

I found these link,really amusing,so I decided to give my wonderful comment about these This is one hell of a piece of work, and I am dully impressed. The man didn’t need an excuse in the first place.

So,in short,I wonder how they see a romantic possibility for Ichihime relationship. She takes him to Orihime and leaves them two alone.

On a different and unrelated note, I know Ichihime shippers were confused by Ishida’s presence. Link Reply Parent Thread. He wanted the reader to pick up on that hint.

I hope this respects the trust you gave me.